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Thank you so much for the Ask April Relationship Advice Forum. What a warm and welcoming community!

Due to the demands of launching my new company, AIFI (American Initiative for Film Industry Research Institute & Development Council), I'm so sorry to say that I must suspend forum activity.

I wish you all the very best, always.


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Re: Should I challenge my husband about his private emails?

This isn't something that is just going to go away. I would confront him about it. Yes it means admitting you were in his e-mails but you did it because you had a suspicion and it turns out that you were right. Getting angry at you for going through e-mails when he is doing what he is doing is prett...

Re: I'm confused

Hello. I've been looking for a site to ask question about some stuff. Anyway, there's a girl in my class who always comes to me, leans on me, and stares into my eyes. She also defends me all the time (being very protective). She calls me cute names, etc. Does she like me or is she just playing with...

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