Dear readers and forum members:

Thank you so much for the Ask April Relationship Advice Forum. What a warm and welcoming community!

Due to the demands of launching my new company, AIFI (American Initiative for Film Industry Research Institute & Development Council), I'm so sorry to say that I must suspend forum activity.

I wish you all the very best, always.


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Re: [Standard] Should I stay in relationship with fiance who blocked me on facebook

Your instincts are good, and you are correct. She's dating other men and she doesn't really want you to know about it. That's why she blocked you from social media -- so you wouldn't see her shenanigans there. I'm sorry you are disappointed and that she used you. The good news is that you're finally...

Re: [Standard] Is it okay to give a guy my blessing to date my soon to be ex wife?

Hi Daniel! The answer to your question is simple: It's inappropriate to go behind your wife's back to tell a man that it's okay if he dates her. Your wife's social life, if the two of you are separated and heading for divorce, is not really your business -- even if you mean well. Your intervening ap...

Re: [Standard] Am I the other woman or potentially more?

He's got a great set up. He's got his long-term, live-in girlfriend -- and he's got his one-year girlfriend on the side! Whatever he says, the bottom line is that he doesn't want things to change. If he did, he'd change them. Instead, he's saying what he needs to say to keep you in the game, and he'...

Re: [RUSH!] The girl I love thinks I betrayed her because I responded to a text from a girl that I don't have any feelin

Hi there: I just responded to your simultaneous post and this is what I wrote: It sounds like she was looking for a commitment from you, and she didn't get it. So, now she's trying to move on. You have to understand that she is a 36 year-old single parent with three kids and she is probably looking ...

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