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Re: [RUSH!] Long-time friend - not sure about his feelings (UPDATED)

Thank you for your advice! Things have progressed: We met Sunday at his place. Joked around, took a nap. He pretended he didn't want to get up, and said "Use your imagination". We headed towards rope play, but he teased he would leave so I told him to stop, and he took that as a sign I wasn't intere...

[RUSH!] Long-time friend - not sure about his feelings or what to do next...?

I met him through a college club. We hung out regularly with a group of friends. I had feelings for him, and got mixed signals. He would talk about other girls and such. We joked with eachother a lot. At the same time, we would get touchy-feely; hugs, backing me into walls, holding hands, tickling, ...

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