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Re: [Standard] Don't know if I (F, 20) should pursue a romantic relationship with guy friend/co-worker (M21) bc I am fee

Dating is competitive, and I understand that you're scared of rejection, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get his attention. I think you should compete for him. If you never try, you'll feel much worse than if you try your best and lose out. So take a big picture view of dating, and give t...

Re: [Standard] Not 100% sure where I stand with this girl

She likes you and she wants to date you, but she is waiting for you to make the first move. ;) When she told you that when "everything is settled" she wants to come over and have a few drinks, that was her clue to you that she wants you to take care of business with your wife, and become single so s...

Re: [RUSH!] Long-time friend - not sure about his feelings or what to do next...?

He doesn't want a traditional relationship and the two of you agreed to be friends with benefits, plus he's brought up the fact that the doesn't think you should wait for him because he's not worth it. These are all signs that this is going to be a solid friends with benefits relationship, and that ...

Re: [Standard] The infamous line - We need to talk!

This is a guy who likes drama. It keeps him from being bored, and he enjoys it. For him, it's a sport. That's why he cheats on his wife, and he cheats on his girlfriends -- it amuses him. He likes the intrigue and the relationship puzzles he creates and solves, without regard for the feelings of the...

Re: [RUSH!] Love Triangle

There's a lot of "junk" going on here and the best thing you can do is rise above it. Try not to engage Betty and Doug. In fact, keep a civilized distance. They've got drama written all over them. And if Betty tries to engage you in conversation to suss out what you and Robert have done or are doing...

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