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I proposed my girlfriend 2 years elder than me, I have any chance to make a relationship with her ?

I have 28 years old, I love a girl 2 years elder than me, we are good friends last 3 years. I proposed her 2 times, but she told me not interested. Now she makes friendship with another guy, he is 2 years younger than me, she always with him, she always message him more than 3 hours in a day. Now i am disappointed about that relationship i think they are in love, because they behave likes that. But If she doesn't see me in the office or among friends, she ask to somebody about me, some times she gives me missed calls, when i ask about the missed call she told me it was not known. But, as well as i can feel some time she looks at me, even though some eye contacts between us. Anyone please tell me, any chance for me make a relationship with her ?

Re: I proposed my girlfriend 2 years elder than me, I have any chance to make a relationship with her ?

You do have a chance, but have to change your behavior and win her over. ;) Dating successfully doesn't just magically happen. To win her over, you have to show her that you're interesting, successful, warm and funny. You have to flirt with her and invite her on dates. And typically, that means you have to make some changes to yourself in order to get a result that's different from what you've got now. I wrote a book called Date Out of Your League that will give you tips and step by step instructions on how to become that guy. You can buy it here: ... 0974676302. :)

As for proposing -- don't propose without dating. It looks desperate if you ask someone to marry you without dating them first. So slow down.... focus on making some changes to yourself, and then compete with this guy. :D Give her something to want and definitely go for it!
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