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Need Help regarding this situation

My question regarding this girl is that we use to work together in a company and we became good friends. We use to leave together in the evening after work and had good time together for 2 months..when suddenly the department of the compny we were working in got shut down because of lack of projects and we had to leave that happend on 6th dec last year..After that i tried to meet up with her again and texted her for the date..she told me that she will let me know..but the didnt...and then again after few weeks i tried again to arrange a meet and she said she will text me about that later that night..but her reply doesnt came..i want to know what do you think on this situation? Is she really busy with something or is she not intrested in meeting me? I started liking this girl while we were working together and wanted to see her again..but she is not giving a response...what should i do?? Should i try to ask her one more time or let it go?


Re: Need Help regarding this situation

Sometimes no response is a response. :? I think it's great that you asked her out, and I think it's a bummer that she's not interested, but that's the message she's sending you by not accepting your dates. Time to move on. It's great you cut to the chase and asked her out quickly without wasting time, and now you can find someone who is interested in dating you! :)
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