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My boyfriend and I have been dating for more than 2 years starting 2014, but I just found out last 2016 that he already have 2 kids with another woman. I confronted him, but he said the woman got pregnant but both of them have separate relationship at that time. He said he was not ready, so what the woman did was telling his boyfriend that she was pregnant with their child so they got married. My boyfriend and the woman decided to hide the truth and still communicating which each other. Then it happened again for their 2nd Child. Still they hid it to the husband of the girl.

We met after the 2nd child was born he said. I was so frustrated that even though I already have the Idea that he is cheating on me I still love him him very much. Then the woman found out about us because of the photo of us I posted on a social media and then my boyfriend told me that the girl got angry and told him that he will not see their children anymore because he cheated on him. I was so disappointed that my boyfriend got angry with me because of what happened. But I still chase him telling him that I understand even though it hurts and frustrating. I don't know what happened to me that I still love him very much even though he cheated on me for more than 2 years. But today we are okey because he told me that he still want us to be okey and he just want to fix his relationship w/ the kids.

Should I still continue this relationship despite what happened? Should I still trust him?

Re: Confused

You're dating someone who lied to you about having kids, and even worse, he's complicit with the mother of his children in tricking her boyfriend into believing the kids are his -- so that poor guy is paying to support your boyfriend's children as well as loving them like they're his own. This is pretty despicable. :shock: Of course, you should leave him and find someone who is honest, respectful and good. You aren't confused. You're disappointed and you don't want to have to stand up for what's right -- people like your boyfriend look for folks like you who he can control and keep from doing the right thing. Time for you to man up. ;)
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