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She Says she is confused at her feelings for me. I can`t understand why??

You see we have been dating for six months now and it was great and everything was going smooth and perfect and we loved each other very much but I got sick and tried to tell her about it but I always was saying things like dying and telling her to forget me if I did die and sometimes I get mad at her for nothing really and she gets angry every time I say the word "die", and I think I just didn't hear her that's why she is confused now.. Last week after Christmas I asked her if she had any problems with me and she said none and she was very happy with me but now on the 1st of January 2017 she says that she is confused at her feelings for me but she doesn't know why. I tried to ask her if she found someone else but she says it's not that she's found someone but she's just confused about me.

So could you tell me or give me an idea as to why she's confused?

I have been putting her through an emotional rollercoaster this last month (December 2016) and so I asked if it was because of that and she said it might be, but still its a mystery as to how and why she is confused. I also tried to meet with her but she says that she is still trying to understand about her feelings for me and that she wants to meet to talk about it but she can`t meet and I don`t know why, I`ve given her some space but I still love her very much, we are each other's first love and there's no other guy So I just want to get an Insight into her head and how she`s thinking about it, I don`t want to give up because I love her very much but I`m starting to feel differently now.

Please Help.

Re: She Says she is confused at her feelings for me. I can`t understand why??

You wrote that you've put her through an emotional roller coaster. :? Nobody likes to be dragged through unnecessary drama. It's exhausting and it's consuming. And it takes a toll on the relationship, as you can see. :( This is why she's telling you she's confused at her feelings. She's had enough of the drama and it's creating a situation for her that makes the relationship not worth her time and energy. :(

For future, work on your impulse control when it comes to drama. Try to anticipate the toll your needs are going to take on a partner. This woman is making it clear that she's under duress because of your emotional roller coasters. Try to live more healthfully and peacefully and you'll find that you'll bring health and peace to any and all relationships you're in as a result. :)
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