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My boyfriend has shut down

I have been with my boyfriend for seven months. Since New Year's Day, he has shut down and no solid communication. Two days after we got back into town, I sent him a text and I had no response. I have text him other times after that. (See attached picture attacted of our texts). We haven't seen eachother or communicated much since then. Before that, I would see him 2xs a week, sometimes spend the weekends at his place. I have kept a spare toothbush and extra clothes at his place. He even suggested this. Basically all the things that are typical in a commited relationship and has introduced me to his friends and family as his girlfriend. We're even Facebook official and have pictures of us together all overy Facebook.

After being with him at his hometown from December 27th-Jan 1st, things went silent. We were staying at his parents house and when we were waiting for the plane at the airport on the way back. He took a selfie of both of us at the airport and posted it to Facebook. All this and the way things have been going since after New Year's Day just doesn't add up.

I know men sometimes men go into their man cave, but it is usually not that long, like 2-3 days. In this case it has been 10 days. Is he in his man cave or does he want to break up by creating distance because he is afraid to be direct?
I was thinking if he doesn't come around by Sunday, I will break it off. Going two weeks with fuzzy communication tells me that he is no longer interested. Should I break it off? If so, what should I say? Should I do it over text or do it over t
he phone? What should I say?

Re: My boyfriend has shut down

Something is bothering him and it sounds serious. And... it's a mystery.

My first piece of advice is to get off of texting. Texting is great, but you need a more personal method. Call him on the phone and tell him you're worried and you want to know if he's okay and what you can do to help. Make it about him and be generous. Next, drop off some homemade cookies or a little gift like that, at his place with a little love letter telling him that you know he's got a lot on his mind and that you don't know what it is but you're there for him and you want to help and hear to hear. This may not be about you. Someone may have died, gotten sick, or there may be some upset at his work that he's ashamed to tell you about like his getting fired. It's awful to play the guessing game, but it's also important to not assume this is about you. When you do contact him -- whether it's phone, love letter, snail mail or even more texting -- ask him what's wrong. Really focus on asking. Tell him you're worried, and hope he'll tell you what's going on. If he doesn't respond after the homemade cookies, give it one last shot -- this time try a snail mail letter and in this, let him know you love him, loved meeting his family, and are worried, and being shut out with no information about someone you care about, is really difficult and you hope he'll pick up the phone and call you.

If he doesn't contact you -- or just continues with the curt, chilly messages that don't really let you know what's going on, after dating for seven months and vacationing together, he should give you a clue and a little more explanation about the relationship. You're being very polite and you're not pushing, but if it gets to the point where this isn't a relationship any more, it's a mystery hunt for clues -- and that's all it is -- you have to let him know that you want him but you don't want to wait around for ever like this. Try the phone call, the drop-off at the doorstep gift, and maybe an email or another phone call... and if after a couple more weeks, he's still giving you the silent treatment, there's not a lot more you can do to make this relationship work.
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