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Boyfriend leaves me on our vacation

We have known each other for 7 months been dating since November. He asked me to be his girlfriend officially last week. The same day we run into my ex and some drama happened but we talked about it I reassured him and both agreed to brush it off. We live in LA decided to take a trip to SF this weekend because we needed some alone time, some pos+time away from what just happened with my ex. Fri nite was great! but he wasn't making any moves on me so I started to&then he said lets talk. So he opened up and said that interaction with my ex really kind of set him back he said it's fine and we are fine but he just needs time to get over that. He said also I was his first gf to ever ejaculate inside which I knew and he said he just starts to get worried about it.he wanted to postpone for awhile until he can figure out what he wants to do. We talked it out and both agreed no sex until he decides. Sat nitewe went out dancing &both drank. We come back to hotel start fooling around he starts having Sex with me but I stop him after awhile and he gets mad and turns over. I explained to him I stopped because I wasn't sure what he wanted to do in regards to this..and we just talked about something Friday night& i didn't know if he already decided or what? So he tells me he decided because he proceeded to have sex with me so that means he decided. So I just simply told him I didn't know that's what it meant he didn't make it clear. So I tried to brush it off and start up again kissing him. He said he's not in the mood and turns over. Basically I kept pushing him to talk he didn’t want to he wanted to sleep we got into a heated argument he packed all his bags said we were breaking up and asked if I was coming with him if not hes driving back to LA. We kept arguing back and forth until 4am he sent me a text saying he was waiting for me tomorrow morning to leave. But then 5am sent me a text saying because I didn’t respond hes leaving. & he left me in the hotel, I had to get a rental car and drive back myself. I know it sounds fcked up but I don't want to loose him and i need advice what I should do now?do u think its over? What should I say to him?

Re: Boyfriend leaves me on our vacation

This guy you've been dating for two months, took you to on a trip to San Francisco, and then left you in the hotel and drove eight hours home without you -- and you're stranded!? :shock: That's awful! It's very immature and it's really bad manners and it doesn't speak well of his character. :? The good news is that you learned this about him early in the relationship so you haven't invested too much and that's the silver lining. The bad news is that you had to rent a car and drive home alone. I'm sorry you went through this. :(

For now, you should definitely move on -- don't contact him. He owes you a huge apology. And, frankly, anyone who treats you this way isn't worth your time. I think it's time for you to start dating other people, and for future, use the first three months of dating to simply decide if you both want to continue dating each other as you get to know each other. Don't even consider monogamy until six months of dating. This many seem like a very slow timeline -- but it works because it allows you to get to know each other before getting committed too quickly. ;)

As for your feelings of still wanting him -- ask yourself why you'd want to be with someone who would treat you this way. If this happened to your sister or your best friend, wouldn't you tell them to move on? This isn't someone who cares about you enough to treat you well, and if you want the respect that comes with true love, then you have to look elsewhere for it. I hope that helps.
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