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girl that has disappeared

Hi April. I wrote a very long and detailed question, and AFTER I was finished (30 minutes), I was told there were too many characters. I can't fit my question into the allotted amount of characters. I would recommend giving the character count limit BEFORE the person pays. I am heartbroken and need help but don't know where to turn. Very frustrating.

If you want to answer my question, I'm a model and musician and my email is It has to do with a girl that has disappeared and I want to know if we can re-kindle things.

I just don't think you can give a valid answer without having all the background/info.

If you have any other sites to recommend that don't have character limits please let me know. Thanks for your time.

Re: .girl that has disappeared

Hi Kit:

It sounds like you're 36 and she's 34 -- and she's disappeared. You didn't answer the pre-posting question about how long the two of you have been dating -- but you did write that you never had a face to face, in-person date. So she's probably someone you know, want to date, and haven't. Let me know how much I've got right here! :)

So, here's the deal - if you want to date her, then you have to make an effort. Find her. Ask her to have dinner with you. And make a real date! If she's not interested, then play the field. Find other people to date. You'd be surprised at how women are attracted to guys who are successful, attractive to other women, and not that available because they're busy! :)

I hope that helps -- feel free to post again if you need more help. Hang in there, Kit!! :)
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