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Does he still like me? What do i do??

Long story short I met Dan in November ,We spent Xmas and xmas eve together & he asked me to his house for a NYE party. So NYE i got a call from my drunken friends who needed me to pick them up. I was on the phone when Dan walked in & introduced me to his best friends Tom & Ryan. I tried my best to be polite and say hello but i was taking on the phone trying to locate my friend at the same time so i was kinda ignoring them. The next morning i asked Ramon if we should stop seeing other people & his reply was "do you think that's a good question after last night " . I called him and thought we talked it out but i guess not because he stopped texting me as often. He didn't ask to see me for a month.

So here we are at his house ,We talk about NYE and he expressed his anger and i apologized .Then out of the blue he showed me all his messages & said see i don't talk to anyone else. I didn't show mine .We then spent the night having a great conversation, in my option the best we've ever had. At the end of the night i tried to have sex but he told me since i had previously said i wanted to wait , he did too so the first time together would be special. we fell asleep during a good convo& i went home the next morning .
Well after that hedidn't call or text me for a couple weeks. i texted him &he only replied a couple times .Fast forward to a week ago, he texts me saying hello , i reply, and he doesn't ! Last night he texted my friend and i in a group message asking us to go see a show with him next week. We all were replying and somehow his friend Ryan(from NYE) got brought up & i said i still felt bad for being rude & Ramon said "good luck bouncing back he's my bff". THEN my friend said she was going to feel like a third wheel at the show with us and Ramon said " Were all friends silly, no ones third wheeling, i'm going for the music" . I'm just confused? He previously told me he really liked me & tlked about our future together so why did he stop seeing me out of nowhere & now pops back up &says we're friends !? I rlly like him a lot & hVw feelings and don't know how to handle this .

Re: Does he still like me? What do i do??

Sounds like he was embarrassed and angry that he didn't get your full and undivided attention when he introduced you to his two best friends to you at the New Year's Eve party where you were on the telephone when he was making the introduction. This is really an etiquette issue -- where if he'd seen you were on the phone and waited until you were off to introduce you, this friction wouldn't have happened. Instead, he expected you to hang up and put him first. And, truth is you could have -- but, with no judgment from me, you focused on the phone call. The bottom line is this didn't have to be a big deal, and unfortunately, he's still holding onto this three month old issue.

The other thing is that you've only known each other a few months -- and this is the time when you learn about each other and decide if you want to date and continue seeing each other. I get the feeling you are uncomfortable with his taking this slow -- not wanting to have sex yet, going out in a group, making "bounce back" comments about the New Year's Eve event.... and he's very sensitive -- that combo can be the basis for drama.

My advice is that you take it slow and try to be upbeat. Don't expect a commitment so soon, and don't bring up the New Year's Eve drama again. Let it go. He obviously likes you -- but his relationship clock is ticking at a different rate than yours is. Respect his speed and be someone he wants to date -- drama-free, fun, interesting, sexy. And let go of the "ick". Focus on the positive.
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