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I need some advice

I need a little help to win a good woman over,

She just broke up with her BF about a week now, he was very controlling and emotionally abusive.

Her birthday is April 28th so me knowing that he wasnt going to buy her anything. I made my move i bought her roses and a card.

She comes home for lunch, now the original plan was to take them to her work and put them on her car. I just wanted her to know somebody was thinking of her. My buddy gets the bright idea puts them in her car gets caught by her.

Later that day I manned up being an Alpha and told her they were from me.

Her bf being the beta he is went on and on and on and about these flowers.

So it ultimately lead to a huge fight she slapped him he was drunk, police ect

So she messaged me and said she was leaving and moving out she left today.

We talked about it. I made me feelings clear she admitted that she likes me. She got her boss to let her stay with her.

The first time we really hung out I was stroking her hair I think she got turned on blushed real hard and left.. she maybe felt guilty, talked over messenger and she was snappy I said look call me when u wanna get together. She messaged me, she was done packing. So i went and seen her on lunch.

Before I left she hugged me Foreal there is something real there. She felt it to. Then she asked about packing tape told her to come to my window she grabbed it HD her hair pulled to the side to elongate her neck and features (body language) walked back then came back and brought my lighter. But I knew something was wrong I asked her what's wrong she gave me the thumbs up. I didnt press.

I knew he was probably messaging her, so I sent a message to her saying ur a good woman April no matter what he says Id be proud to show u off to the world. She sent back a GIF photo of mind blown so I said all I want before u leave is one more hug, I look 1hr later Im blocked on FB it confuses the hell outta me.

Did I do something wrong
Im at a complete loss of words. Id assume shes confused cause she has feelings for the guys he hates , how do I go about this.

Re: I need some advice

She's in the process of breaking up with a live in boyfriend -- that's the good news! But breakups are not always clean or swift. This may take time. And they can be confusing for the people doing the breaking up. She probably has mixed feelings right now, and while she appreciated the birthday roses and feels drawn to you, she may still have feelings for her ex, in spite of the dust up with the police. She blocked you on Facebook because she's confused about her feelings towards you given her recent breakup (and possible reconciliation), and needed to simplify her life so she can move forward with it -- whether towards the ex or away from him. You know how it is when life seems overwhelming -- people tend to take shelter to sort out their feelings and make their decisions. And there is rarely a straight line taken from point A to point B. That's what the blocking you on Facebook is about. She needs space to figure out her life. That said.... you should keep up a steady drum beat of small gestures that let her know you're interested and you want to date her and be her man. The roses were great -- and they made an impact. Be a little more direct (instead of having a buddy put them in her car, you take on that job from here on in). Ask her to have lunch, leave her little gifts, and without being a stalker, just let her know you're a great option for when she's ready.
April Masini is a relationship and etiquette expert, author of 4 books and the #1 relationship advice forum, blue-chip corporate spokesperson and preferred go-to source for the world’s most prominent media and news outlets.

Re: I need some advice

Ok April how do I go about it?
I never got her number cause I saw her being my neighbor .

We only talked on FB so I dont have any way to contact her. Should I buy her something
I do know where she works.

I dont want to blow this in my heart I feel shes confused and the advice you gave was spot on. I really life this woman and want to draw her back.

She moved away 3 days ago about 45 min to and hour but still works here.. What do I do?

Re: I need some advice

Since you know where she works, you can call her company and ask for her. That's a great way to connect. Old school phone calls are romantic and if you do get her you can have a conversation with her, that, if it goes well, can turn into you asking her if she'd like to have coffee or brunch on a weekend. That's a way to see her without having a traditional romantic date, which may seem to threatening and confusing for someone who's coming out of a relationship with mixed feelings. Don't slide into the friend zone, but if you get a chance to see her, make it something fun like going to a museum on a weekend, the zoo, going for a hike somewhere beautiful.... You can also leave her a little gift like a book or a bouquet of pretty flowers or something else that's kind and thoughtful, but light. You want to try and get her attention in a positive, non-threatening way, and build on that.

Hope that helps. :)
April Masini is a relationship and etiquette expert, author of 4 books and the #1 relationship advice forum, blue-chip corporate spokesperson and preferred go-to source for the world’s most prominent media and news outlets.