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Should I be concerned over less contact than usual?

I have been on 3 dates with a new man and our 4th date is this Saturday night. He always calls within 48 hours (usually 24) of a prior date to schedule the next for the following weekend. This past weekend he texted me after leaving Saturday night, texted Sunday morning, and called to make our next date Sunday afternoon. I have not heard from him since his Sunday afternoon call and it is now Tuesday afternoon. Last week it seems like I heard from him every day. His contact is usually limited to times outside of the work day, which is understandable since he has a busy job. I just thought I would get an email from his last night, which is usually how he usually communicates during the work week, but I received nothing. I can't think of any awkwardness during our last telephone conversation and, in fact, he asked me whether I am ever available both Friday and Saturday nights to which I answered "Yes, sometimes I am" in my most positive tone of voice (he has had me pick between Friday and Saturday nights heretofore). I've made a point of never initiating the contact between us at this early stage. I can't imagine he would just ghost me after setting a Saturday night date, but should I be concerned over not having heard from him for longer than usual?

Re: Should I be concerned over less contact than usual?

The quiet between your last date and now could simply be due to the fact that he's got five kids and a job! And... he may be playing the field, since the two of you have only been on three dates. If you met online, chances are strong that he's playing the field. This isn't necessarily anything to worry about because he could just be busy and overbooked. Or, it could be that after three dates, he's decided that maybe there's not so much interest on his part or not so much of a spark -- you didn't really mention the quality of the three dates you had with him, so I'm guessing that might be it, as well.

Since you have had three dates already, I think it's okay for you to contact him and invite him to a home cooked meal at your place. I wouldn't recommend that for a first or second date, but since it would be your fourth, I think it's fine. If he doesn't respond, or if he responds with a no, then you'll have enough information to realize it's not match between you. But he may be happy to hear from you because he's been swamped with life, and eager to get together -- especially if you're a good cook, or know how to order in well! ;)

Hope that helps!
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