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[RUSH!] Boyfriend vs. college

my boyfriend of 6 months is dropping out of college next semester and has asked me to run away when the semester ends. (also, he has no choice but to drop out at this point because he purposefully flunked his classes). He had first asked me around october but i never gave him a solid answer; eventually i was put in a situation where i just felt like i had to say yes, even though i dont think this is a wise idea for me. He says to just trust him and know that i'll live a life filled with love and that he's do anything for me etc. The reason i started to yes is because i know that he was going to end the relationship had i said no, in order to protect himself from a more harsh heartbreak. The reason it wouldnt work if he left and i stayed is because of the distance. I know that keeping it going is kind of selfish, but he's my first love, and I dont want to lose him. I'm running out of time and i still havent figured out how to say that I cannot drop out of school. I am a junior in college, my parents have invested so much into my education and I just dont see a future for myself without a college degree. I want to tell him that I can't go with him, but I also want him to just cherish the time that we have together rather than end things for no good reason, but if he really doesnt want to continue this after we go separate ways. I dont know how to break my own heart, and his. Someone please tell me how to approach this. I want to be with him becauase he's my first love and hopefully my last but i also want to stay in school - apparently i cant have both.
I feel like ive only given a little information above but im not sure how else to put my thoughts into words.

Re: [RUSH!] Boyfriend vs. college

The reason you haven't given your boyfriend a straight answer is because you know the right answer is going to disappoint him. :o Since you're a junior in college and your parents have invested in your education, it would be a pretty dumb idea to drop out when you're almost 75% finished, unless there was a really good reason to do so. You're almost finished!! To simply follow your boyfriend, who is flunking out :? and planning to drop out, to run away, doesn't seem like it's in your best interest -- or his. What is he running away from? Why doesn't he simply stick around and get a job nearby so that the two of you can be together while you finish your education? That way you'd have a future together. ;) I know you're feeling stressed about his possibly dumping you because you won't drop out and run away with him -- but it's time to be straight with him and then to let him be straight with you, knowing your feelings. True love is really about being honest with one another, and you haven't been. :cry: You need to tell him that you don't want to drop out of college because you're doing well, your family has invested in you and your education, and you want a future for yourself -- and for the two of you. Give him the chance to man up and sacrifice for your relationship. ;) If he knows what you want, then he can make a decision based on that knowledge -- so, it's time to tell him.

Never be afraid of the truth. If he really loves you, then the two of you will be honest with each other and decide if you want to try to make things work, or if the relationship is best ended. I know how painful this is for you, but it's really important to face reality together.
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