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American man- illegal Mexican woman

About four years back a couple moved in a few doors down from me. They are illegal Mexicans with a (now) 13 y.o. boy. About three years ago the man gets arrested for his 3rd DUI. and is imprisoned. Several months ago he was deported. She volunteered this deportation information out of the blue one day. During his incarceration on several occasions she came to me for help. Things like paying a traffic ticket on-line to jumping a dead battery and we talked some. Then one day I saw her in a dress on her way to a baby shower and I noticed how pretty she really is. I started having feelings of how nice and sweet she was, (her normal disposition by the way) So anyways I start to take more and more notice of her. In this time I have been confused about if I should do anything more. I figure that if I don't do something I'll lose the chance. I know she just got laid off from one of her two jobs so I hire her for a couple of days. We got to talk a lot as we worked. I learned she has been with "Larriano" for 18 years, 3 years of which he's in jail, now deported. She said she did not know if he would come back as if he's caught again it's 5 years federal prison then deported again. She said that his mother was against him coming back and that she was not going to Mexico because the boy does very well in school and she wants to work so he can go to college. This is when I notice see has no ring on. Later I learn that they have different last names. I guess they just lived together for 15 years. A few weeks later I throw a dinner party, she and her son came and it was very nice casual dinner with pleasant conversation. I knew the 7th. was his (Larry's)birthday and she looked very sad. So while I was out, I got her yellow flowers and left them by her door with a note that said, Smile today! And boy did she then she proceeded to disappear into the house, blushing like a school girl. The next week on the 14th was one of my old friends birthday so I threw another dinner party and she and her son came. This time as in last, I engage her son, John in a great deal of conversation. I invited them to go and see an art expo. and she says maybe. Yesterday before she left for her second job she seen me tutoring the girl next door and she came over and confirmed for Saturday afternoon. We'll see how things turn out.
I can't keep from trying to see her more, but the fact that even after being here for 15 years, she is Mexican and only speaks fair English.
I speak Spanglish. I had better become an honorary Latino, Quick! She's going to have to be willing to experience more Americana.(I may have an Alli in her son.) I know that this will take time if it works at all but I could use advice on when to try to take it further, if I'm able. Any and all advice is welcomed as this Latino pursuit is new to me. I have no problem dating but would prefer to date only her. I'm feeling like it would is pointless when for some strange reason I want her.

Re: American man- illegal Mexican woman

Please pretend that you are not the person who submitted your question and reread your post. Seriously, please do this. Now, what would you advise a person in your situation?

I'm going to answer your question with the following questions:

Why on earth would you want to get involved in this? You say that you have no trouble dating, thus I cannot imagine why you would want to pursue a relationship with a woman who is illegally in this country, with a deported, alcoholic felon for a husband or (at a minimum) live-in boyfriend -- that is the father of her young son.

This woman's situation and problems are very serious. I cannot discern if you are intrigued by the challenge of the situation, or what the story is. However, there is no getting around the fact that this is very serious stuff.

If you pursue a relationship with this woman, you are electing to get involved with an illegal mess (in every way imaginable) -- to say nothing of the ex. Who, trust me, is not going to appreciate you stepping in during his absence.

I think you are inviting trouble, in many forms, if you pursue a relationship with this woman and I would strongly advise against doing so.
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