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Should I be this angry?

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. Our love life has always been great, I've never had a complaint in that department until recently. Lately The frequency has come down quite a bit. I'm always the one initiating the act and for the most part he seems uninterested. He says he's always tired or that his stomach hurts to make it known he's not wanting to be intimate before I have the chance to suggest it. We went from everyday to once or twice a week. I know he's not cheating. Also I know he's attracted to me, Im much younger than him and Im in great shape. I know this happens after time but what's hurting me the most is that I went on his computer today and see that he visits porn sites very frequently. He has a girlfriend who looks just as great as all of those porn girls... why would he rather self gratify himself watching porn than be intimate with me? Especially knowingIm unsatisfied. I dont want to be unfaithful but I find myself feeling the urge to stray.. What should I do?

Re: Should I be this angry?

Wait. Before you do anything you'll likely regret, my advice would be to sit down and talk to him about the situation in a non-threatening, non accusatory fashion. Explain to him that you know he's watching porn and ask him if you can watch it with him. Explain to him that you're unsatisfied with the way things are currently and ask him if he has any ideas on how you two might spice up your sex life, and get things back on track... together.
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